Screen printing excellence since 1955

“We have been screen printing for 65 years. In 1955 my grandfather, who was a letter painter, started Studio Krijger and embraced the recent American screen printing principle to be able to work cheaper, faster and more accurately. Later, the printing company was renamed Krijger Zeefdruk and we produced every application of screen printing that could be imagined.” These are the words of Maurits Krijger, of Krijger Vormgave.

Lots of beautiful posters, small edition artwork, stickers and light boxes. Over the years, the services expanded: digital printing, color separation software for art printing, in-house developed screens for special applications, design, DTP, printing on ceramics, glass and fabrics and, not long ago, digital milling, engraving and of course 3D- printing. Because Krijger Zeefdruk (Krijger Screen Printing) no longer covered the portfolio, the name was changed to Krijger Vormgave (Krijger Design).

Powered by Inspiration

As soon as you enter the printing workshop you immediately realize that this is the center of action. The whole space is full of great machines and appliances. It smells like screen printing ink. Sometimes also milled wood and synthetic resin, or the ceramic oven. The company is also a second home for the family and a playground for the children during the holidays.

“At Krijger Vormgave we make the dreams of our customers come true. Customers often go home with a product that they did not even know beforehand they wanted; because they didn’t know it was possible. We always come up with a nice solution for the customer’s idea, we are happy to help with that.”

Craftsman Maurits Krijger is director of Krijger Vormgave. “I went to the company after my days at school to help my father, and since then I have stayed there.” He has now been in the business for 35 years.

Graphics have been in the blood of the Krijgers for three generations. “I think it’s fantastic to come up with solutions for unusual assignments and invent new products and methods to make things the way the client wants them.”

“Artisanal means that you use the knowledge and skills you have gained over the years to make the best product you can possibly get. Time after time. Products that have a practical use or are simply beautiful. Which people can look at for years and always make people happy. I think the signs on the luggage trolleys at Schiphol are a good example. I printed it years ago and since then millions of people from all over the world have really looked at it to understand how such a cart works.”

Working on creative solutions

Krijger Vormgave has the skills, products and technology in-house to meet all customer requirements, including the craziest ones; and a large network of suppliers and processing companies that she works with. Complicated processing of glass and plastic with screen printing, or screen printing with milling or gold leaf, everything is possible.

“The customer often comes up with a specific design and sometimes a vague idea, a drawing or an example. Together we then look at which steps must be taken to realize the product. Materials are sought, designs and color proofs are made. Sometimes the production process has to be adapted or rethought. In consultation with the customer, we ensure that all steps lead to a perfect result as efficiently as possible.”

Krijger Vormgave is located in Zaandam, the Netherlands, close to the cultural centre Hembrug Terrein, with good connections to Amsterdam.