We deliver our unique products globally.

1. Preparation

As all our customer projects, also international projects start with a discussion about the project goals and timetable. We are able to share ideas and insights online, or work according to fixed specs.

The files for screens we need in a digital form either from the customer, or we help in their preparation.

2. Project

The printing project has two phases: testing and production. Before going to production, we make a few tests to guarantee the required quality and to avoid any surprises in the production.

With international customers, we usually discuss the test results via online communication: photos and videos. It is also possible to ship the print proofs for approval before starting the production.

3. Shipping

Our products are always shipped in high-quality packages: plastic sealing and wooden boxes to protect prints from any damage during the shipping.

We are used to ship various sizes of packages all around the world. Depending on the shipping address, timetable, and the size of package we will choose the most cost-effective way of delivery. The costs are always discussed beforehand with the customer.

Let’s build something great together.